Are you a computer repairer and would you like more customers?

Well then you need to get listed here so that more people will ask you to fix their computers. People are looking and if you are not here they won't find you. More happy customers, more money for you.

Do you have a computer problem and do you want it fixed ?                     

Well then look in the search box and enter the city or large town you are in or near and any computer repairers listed for that city or town will be there. Call one and they will be glad to fix your computer.

Find Computer Repair Shop in Australi

My intention is that you will find computer repairers in or near any City, suburb, or large town. Firstly the local page from internet search may have some computer repairers on that page. If there are none there yet then you may find some with either of the search boxes at right. The small search box at top will give a very broad search returning any page or post mentioning the words you entered. You may need to make the search give you just the computer repaireres in a town by enclosing the town in ” .. “. The larger search box is more specific but returns only computer repaireres who have made a listing for themselves. All towns larger than about 10000 people are listed but any computer repairers there may not have made their listing for that town or city yet.